Buy Used Ford Car Parts without Getting Swindled

Used Ford Car Parts

You may often come across people who would suggest you buy new and genuine used Ford parts. But, do you know even a trim piece of auto part that’s cost maybe $6 but could carry to 500% premium more when sold in retail. In fact, some parts are priced to moon simply because the consumers don’t have the knowledge of it.

But, when it comes used auto parts, there are a number of excellent reasons people should buy the quality used Ford parts from a certified Ford dealer. Buying used Ford parts is a great alternative if you cannot afford the new ones. Even most of them are just as good as the new car parts. No doubt, there are many reasons to panic as well because many people have the perception that second-hand auto parts are not genuine, but it’s not such. Purchasing used Ford parts from a reliable Ford dealership is authentic and trustworthy. Still, you need to be cautious while buying the one. There are things you should perform before stepping ahead to purchase used auto parts. They are:

Make sure to research well

Person Checking before Buying a Used Ford Part

Well, without adequate knowledge of used Ford parts, you’re bound to invite troubles. In fact, there are many used auto parts sellers from where you can buy your desired part for your car. But, do you know which parts you need for your car? At, FordPro Wreckers you can get your desired answer. We help the people who don’t fully understand for which car part they’re looking for.

Yes, there even might be cases where the seller can manipulate you and charge you with huge or can give you defective used parts for your car. But with proper research, you can prevent the situation. If you’re unsure, don’t panic. You can go on the official website of FordPro Wreckers and find out the accurate used Ford parts you’ve been searching for!

Why not barter?

Do you think that second-hand car parts can’t be barter further for the price? Well, you can. In fact, because of the informal environment, you should always try and barter. You may be surprised but used car part dealers will also be interested in the deal because everyone wants the best for them and tries their tactics.

Well, you can meet the dealer from whom you want the car parts and fix a great deal by bartering. Make sure you don’t go too far, because if you stretch it too long, you may lose the negotiation of the deal. Hence, haggling is completely healthy while purchasing a used auto car from a used auto parts specialist.

Verify before stepping ahead      

It is very obvious, you should always verify before buying any used auto parts from a dealer. Before you make the purchase, visit online the official site of the dealer and ask them for specific part numbers. Now you may ask, what is the need of knowing the numbers? Well, you don’t have to buy the auto parts from the dealer; you just need to be the expert in the parts you’re looking for.

Don’t make the dealers feel that you’re just getting the information; otherwise, they won’t explain you in their best way. Once you’re known to the number, you now know what exactly you need for your car. Well, if you forget to confirm the number of the used auto parts you’re purchasing than any problem that comes your way would be your responsibility and not the dealers!

Do consider the documentation

So what if you’re buying recycled auto parts, perfect documentation is an important point you should not miss while buying it. Well, a lot of used auto part dealers give a receipt on the purchase, but that’s not the exact documentation you’re looking for. But, you can count it as a proof of your purchase.

In fact, a receipt is the proof that the car dealer is selling authentic parts. The parts sold by them are bought and not simply picked from any car scrap yard. So make sure, you check a proof thoroughly before purchasing it. In fact, there are many chances that the dealers use any old car part and sell it off completely new. If you don’t consider this, you might end up paying more. And for the bogus auto parts, they would breakdown simply after a couple of uses.

Visit the Scrapyard once

Used Auto Part's Scrapyard

Visiting the Scrapyard would be helpful to you because you would come to know, what exactly you’re looking for. In fact, there are chances that you get your desired auto part as well, but still, if you are spending your money, it’s more important to spend it on genuine parts.

Many times, visiting a Scrapyard will make you understand that you need an honest used auto part dealer for buying your desired car part. Hence, a reliable dealer is a great way for buying the car parts you desired.

Again, it all boils down to what your time is worth to you. You can always fix used auto parts in your car, but if you’re not sure of their viability, FordPro Wreckers are ready to help. We sell genuine used Ford parts with proper and authentic documentation. So, when you want to buy used Ford parts you can reach us directly and we’ll be happy to help you.

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What to Consider When Using Spare Parts for Your Ford Car?

When your Ford car suddenly breaks down out of the blue, it can cause a bit of a nightmare. And when you take your Ford car to the mechanic and he tells you that replacement is needed for two or three parts, matters can go from bad to worse; particularly, if you aren’t a car enthusiast and accustomed with the nuts and bolts of this trade. Due to this reason, we have put together this guideline for sourcing replacement parts for your Ford car. It covers – what Ford parts need to be bought brand new and what are the risks of buying second-hand parts to what you should seek in a spare parts dealer and the questions that you need to ask. When obtaining spare parts for your Ford car, these are the crucial things to consider.

Used Spare Parts Buying Tips

What are the nuts and bolts?

You’ll require knowing a few things about your Ford car and the spare part you need when shopping for replacement auto parts. You should know the make, model and year of your Ford car, the VIN number, and also the part number if you have it. While speaking to FordPro Wreckers or another parts dealer, if you don’t know this information, the team at FordPro Wreckers will be able to assist you in finding these details, so as to make search easier for finding your Ford car parts. As soon as we get the required information, the team at FordPro Wreckers will be able to source the specific part that you require. If we don’t already have one in our stock, we’ll source through private sales and car dealerships to insurance company auctions etc. to get the part you need. Once we’ve located your required spares, one of our qualified auto mechanics will clean, tune and test the part before installing it into your Ford car. You can be ensured that the replacement part has integrated with the engine rightly and that your Ford car is safe to drive before it has been delivered back to you.

When to source new and used Ford car parts?

Some of the Ford parts need to be replaced with newer parts. While all the parts of your Ford car will experience deterioration, there are some parts that would deteriorate much faster than others and can never be used as replacement parts for another Ford car for safety reasons. These parts include air bags, seat belts, electronic sensors that monitor system problems and some brake parts – parts that are generally associated with the safety of your Ford car. However, some of these parts can be bought second hand, but you should always verify with the dealer if the part comes with a warranty and background data. At FordPro Wreckers, one of our qualified auto mechanics will be able to assist you with this and speak to you concerning warranty of our Ford spare parts.

What are the advantages and risks involved?

Indeed, cars are expensive purchases and maintaining them is also expensive. When your Ford car breaks down, it can dent your pocket badly. This is the number one reason to source used Ford parts over the new parts. By sourcing your spare parts through FordPro Wreckers, we always make sure we’re supplying reliable Ford parts that are best in quality and being second hand Ford parts, we can provide them at just a fraction of the cost compared to the new Ford parts. Certainly, this can save your hard earned money significantly. The second good thing is, as we move a huge amount of stock on a daily basis, we always have parts in our inventory eliminating the risk of running out of them, which means we can get your replacement Ford part in a day or two to you, depending upon your location. Buying second hand Ford parts will help you to save your valuable time and money because when ordering new Ford parts, you have to wait for weeks for the parts to be shipped in from overseas. Lastly, used Ford car parts serve eco-friendly purpose when chosen over new Ford car parts; approximately, 80% of a vehicle can be recycled for spare parts, which prevents those vehicle parts from ending up in a landfill.

From where can I get the spare parts?

For obvious reasons, the Internet is the best place to begin your search for spare parts. Nonetheless, be cautious because there are a lot of private sellers who also list used auto parts for sale, but often they don’t have similar meticulous testing and benchmarking procedures as a dealer like FordPro Wreckers. In case, you’re looking for hard-to-find or a one-off part or you’re not sure of what you require then just give us a call and one of our experienced auto mechanics will be able to get the part you require as soon as possible. Although we’re located in Sydney, we deliver Ford car parts across Australia, and because we ship a large number of products daily, we have the lowest delivery costs in the industry.

What should you look for in a spare parts dealer?

When searching for a reputed spare parts dealer – always investigate from where and how the dealer sources Ford spare parts. What processes are the parts subjected to, for cleaning and testing procedures? And whether they come with a warranty assurance? FordPro Wreckers sources auto spare parts from car dealers and private sales as well as reliable insurance company auctions, but all of our parts are subjected to the same stringent testing processes. Also, don’t forget to ask whether the dealer can install the part for you or can deliver it to your local auto mechanic to perform the replacement fixes for your Ford car. At FordPro Wreckers, our qualified auto mechanic professionals install and test the part to ensure it is integrating correctly with your Ford car’s engine before giving your keys back to you.

Thus, always do your research properly if you’re in need of a spare part for your Ford car. You should know accurately what spare parts you need for your Ford car and make sure everything you buy has a guarantee. To get expert advice or to find the spare part you need for your Ford car, right away contact Fordpro Wreckers.

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Where to Find Used Ford Car Parts

Buying used car parts may be a good alternative to save money on a car repair if you have the time to shop around. Different ways of finding used car parts are mentioned below.

Local Car Parts Store
Customers can buy used car parts from a local auto parts store business and pick up from the brick and mortar store – this will save substantially on the shipping charges. The parts will be like new; however, if it is a small, locally owned business then the manager or owner may also have personal connections to find quality used parts.

Speciality Repair Shops
For luxury and premium auto spare parts, if your area has a repair shop, it is worth checking with the speciality repair shop by making a phone call to find if they have the used Ford car parts available for sale. In case, they don’t have at hand right now, they may also have professional and personal connections that could assist in finding any auto part you require.

Used Ford Car Parts

Scrapyard/ Junkyard
The most traditional and the oldest forms of finding used car parts is through visiting a scrapyard/ junkyard. Consumers can halt by and search through the old cars, or at times, they can even call the owner to discover if they know about the parts that may be with them prior to taking the time to drive out. As the inventory is continuously rotating in a scrapyard, going to a scrapyard is simply taking a chance hoping that used car parts may be there. Additionally, some scrapyard permits the consumers to look for the Ford auto parts while others require an employee to search it out.

Classified Ads
At times, used Ford car parts are listed in online classified ads or in the local newspaper classified ads. Similar to scrapyards, it needs a bit of a chance that the part required and the part advertised is available at the same time. Suppose this is the case then there is a good possibility of obtaining a deal because sellers are looking to dispose of these auto parts promptly. Before buying, ensure to inspect the condition of the used auto parts.

Buying Used Parts Online
Those days are gone when a trip to the local scrapyard/ junkyard was the sole hope for obtaining a used car part. These days, there are numerous online used car parts suppliers. After the part required has been discovered, you can commence a search for the used car part by using the VIN of the car to establish the part version required for that particular vehicle. The consumer can look for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts from there, which are replacement parts manufactured by the manufacturer for the original parts.

Also, available are third-party replacement parts. As online retailers don’t have the overhead involved in maintaining the storefront, online retailers can provide lower prices. Prior to purchasing a used part from an online retailer, ensure to ask how long would it take to ship and deliver the part.

Ford Pro Wreckers is a Sydney based established Ford parts dealer exclusively dealing in second-hand parts including second-hand performance parts for Ford vehicles.

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The end of an Era: The last engines to come out of Ford’s Geelong factory

September 26th 2016 marks the day that the last Australian built Barra inline 6 and 5.0L Coyote engine were produced, with the last of each seen photographed next to each other.

A sad day in the Geelong Ford factory as it has been producing engines since 1925 and also up to 1959 produced vehicles out of that factory too. There is no known figure as to how many engines have been produced there. But Ford can confirm that near 4.5 million engines have rolled out of the factory since 1960 when the falcon was first produced.


An end of an era, and an end to some great engines. Ford Australias assembly plant closure is a sad day for the Ford community, it is confirmed that production will finish on October 7th 2016 at its plants.

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Ford Australia’s Broadmeadows Assembly Plant closure

With upcoming closure of the Ford Australia Assembly Plant in October of this year, Ford has announced that it will no longer be producing their much loved Australian Fords.

What does this mean for us here at FordPro Wreckers? Well it doesn’t change anything for us, there are many Fords still on the road and there will still be for many many years to come. Although Ford won’t be producing the cars anymore, we will still have access to many parts and damaged vehicles for us to be able to continue on strongly for years to come.

Ford originally stopped making one of their many Australian built cars back in 2007. That was the Ford Fairlane. Although they haven’t been produced for nearly 10 years now, we still have a large amount of Fairlane parts available.

Ford Performance Vehicles also closed down within the last few years, making the cars that are still on the road go up in value. But that didn’t change anything for that availability of the cars that we get in here for wrecking. We still regularly get in GT, GT-P, F6, GS and Super Pursuits. Making available any parts that are needed for the public to purchase from us to repair their FPV or just to upgrade their Falcon.

So with the closure of the assembly plant, comes the end of the Falcon range and the much loved Territory. The falcon has been serving Australia well since 1960 when the first one rolled off the assembly line and the Territory since 2004 when it became Ford Australias leading SUV in sales.

Ford Rangers are something that we are now new to wrecking here, so we will continue to wreck them out as they will still be sold here in Australia. With the closure of the plant comes new windows that have opened for new Ford models to come here to Australia including the Mustang and Everest.

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Why Buying Used Car Parts is Beneficial

As the time passes by, your car will require essential repairs due to deterioration. You may get involved in an accident wherein your car may get damaged but not get completely crushed. So, when parts need to be changed, you may expect for a fat bill. In all likelihood, new car parts can cost hundreds, and in some instances thousands of dollars. Many budget-conscious customers choose used, rebuilt and/ or re-manufactured parts avoiding new parts for various reasons. Here below are the major reasons which make buying used car parts beneficial.

used-car-partsEasily Accessible

You’ll experience that some new parts are required to be ordered. Various factors are involved including the complexity of finding the part or assembly time. And it is often the case when it is made by a small-sized original product manufacturer. On the other hand, you can buy used car parts from diverse sources and often get the part ready for quick installation.

Low Cost

Generally, used car parts cost lesser than new parts. For instance, the top frame of an older convertible model may cost over $2100 if you buy a brand new part. However, that same part can be had for as low as $750 if you buy a used part. One of the reasons for this huge difference in price is because the new parts often require being assembled. Used auto parts are already assembled and they just require to be fitted in your vehicle.

Ease of Buying

In earlier days, one had to visit automobile recycling shops, junkyards and exchange meets, which involved some tough searching job. These days, you can still use those sources to get the parts you require; however, you can also request the part you need for your car’s make and model by submitting the form on a number of online spare parts dealers and car dismantlers through Internet. What makes it a lot easier is that you can do it from the comfort of your home or office.

New Parts or Used Parts

There are some people who would always go for new parts for their vehicles. Nonetheless, buying used parts provides advantages of its own. Used parts are low priced and you don’t have to wait which is the case when you buy some tough to get new parts. Additionally, you can find them on the online shopping portals and get them delivered to your doorstep. So, if your vehicle requires a fuel tank, body parts or exhaust manifold, think of buying used parts – you may find it hard to make out the difference in quality and also you can save considerable money as you get it for less.

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Ford Ranger Diesel Engine and Transmission

Many people aren’t sure what the advantage is of owning a diesel powered car and some don’t buy a car just because they are diesel. The Ford Ranger Diesel is one of the most economical engines in its class and has excellent fuel economy, especially out on the open road. The diesel powered engine in the Ranger offers plenty of power, with the help from the turbo while still being economical. Diesel powered engines also give a lot of torque, which is perfect for towing. The Ranger Diesel has over 3 tonne of towing power and can pull it with ease, thanks to how much torque the diesel engine provides. With all the new technology in the modern day diesel engine that is offered in the Ford Ranger, everything burns cleaner and the engine blows far less soot then expected from a Diesel. Important things to keep your engine going in your Ranger is regular servicing of the engine and maintaining the cooling system in it too. But it is important to know what you’re doing, especially with the later model PX Ford Rangers as you can cause serious issues with the engine if you do not correctly fill the oil back up immediately as if it drains completely it causes an air lock in the oil pump and it will not pump oil through your engine upon start up and will cause engine failure. If you are unsure with what you’re doing with servicing your diesel Ranger, take it to your local Ford dealership, or bring it past here at FordPro Wreckers for a service. It is also important to keep an eye on your turbo feed lines so that they do not block up as that will starve your turbo of oil and cause it to fail and wear the bearing out.

Keeping your Automatic or Manual gearbox is very important too in your Ranger. Your transmission requires servicing and maintenance about every 50,000km. But it is important to make sure that you use the correct oil that Ford recommends to keep the transmission running smoothly. If you do not use the correct oil your gearbox may fail all together. They run a special grade oil in the gearboxes so you have to keep this oil in them as they will not run without that specific oil in them.

So if you are looking for power, fuel economy towing capability and reliability, buy yourself a Diesel Ford Ranger and you wont be disappointed. Ford all your Ford Ranger parts give us a call on 02 9757 1811

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Have you ever had mechanical issues with your Ford and wondered how you’re going to pay for the repairs? There is a cheap alternative to getting your running gear in your Ford replaced if it fails or is just getting tired.

We can offer all mechanical repairs and replacements here at Ford Pro Wreckers, whether it’s a simple alternator change, or something more challenging like replacing an engine, gearbox or diff in your Falcon, Fairlane, Territory, Ranger or FPV model.Mechanical-partsGetting a part replaced her at Ford Pro wreckers is much more cheaper than going and buying new, or getting your broken part rebuilt! We can offer Fitting of parts here for as little as $100 for smaller items. Our mechanical team can quickly but efficiently get the repair job on your Ford done for you, and get you back on the road. You will be saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands by choosing our replacement and fitting services here to get your quality second hand parts fitted. Much cheaper than getting a rebuild!

For any enquiries about getting anything, repaired or replaced on your Ford, please contact us on 02 9757 1811 or send us through an email to

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The PX Ford Ranger has a 5 star ANCAP safety rating which is the top safety rating available in Australia. It offers many safety features such as Anti lock brakes and stability control. It also has 4 airbags as standard in the higher end models. These safety features combined help protect the occupants of the vehicle and ensure that they are kept as safe as possible in the event of an accident. The way that the outside of the ranger is designed also helps reduce the injuries a person would sustain if they were to be hit by the vehicle. The ranger also offers a seat belt warning system that alerts the driver that they or any of the occupants of the vehicle are not wearing their seat belt during travel.Fordpro_WreckersThese features combined help make the PX Ford Ranger on of the safest four wheel drive utes available for sale in Australia.

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The turbo on your engine is a vital part to how well your car performs. When the turbo is wearing, Screenshot_5or has been starved of oil it can cause a significant decrease in power. Signs that you may have a worn or damaged turbo is hearing a grinding sound when coming onto boost or when you turn your car off. This could mean that the bearing in the turbo is worn out and is causing shaft play, which is then leading to the blades of the turbo to hit the side of the turbo housing and cause damage to the blades. Eventually if this is not attended to the turbo can completely go and you will have next to no power and your car may also start blowing a fair amount of smoke. The oil feed line and filter into your turbo is always something good to check to maintain your turbo as if you still have the standard ones on there they can easily get blocked and not allow any oil through, starving the turbo and causing the bearing to go. A good way to prevent that is an aftermarket oil feed line with an external filter on it that is easy to access, change and replace if required.

If you’re looking for spare parts or engines for your Ford vehicle, immediately get in touch with us! We have a huge range of performance parts and performance engines to suit all the makes and models of Ford that includes Fairlane, Falcon, Territory and FPV’s. We have in stock all the different types of parts ranging from aftermarket superchargers to performance air intakes and sports exhausts.

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