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 Ford Pro Tilt Tray Service - Call 02 9757 1811 for pick up Here at Ford Pro Wreckers we offer our customers a tilt tray service for any of their needs. Our tilt tray can carry two cars at once and has never let us down! We offer break down pick ups from the side of the road. Or if you just need your car moved from one place to another we are happy to do that for you too. If you car wont run and you have it booked in with us for some parts to be fitted, don’t be shy to ask if we can also pick it up and tow it here for you.

With our tilt tray we also offer free removal of unwanted Ford Falcons, Fairlanes and Territorys. We also pay cash for cars and can have the tilt tray there to pick your unwanted car up within a couple hours.