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  • Ford Pro is happy to exchange a faulty part for a replacement item within a week of purchase if purchase receipt is shown.
  • Ford Pro does not have to replace a faulty item if it has been tampered with or used for any other purpose besides which it was intended for.
  • Any repairs carried out on parts which we have supplied that we haven't been notified of an item being faulty will be at your expense.
  • Any items that have been purchased that are no longer required must be returned within 30 days of the original purchase date. If the item was freighted we are not responsible for the return freight charge of the item.
  • If a faulty item is supplied, Ford Pro is not responsible for any extra charges that you may incur with getting a replacement item fitted. We are also not responsible for any storage fee charges or hire car charges that you have while your car is getting a replacement item fitted.
  • All running gear (engines, gearboxes and diffs) come with a 3 month parts only warranty. Exceptions may be made for a parts and labour warranty if the parts are fitted on site at Ford Pro.
  • Any accessories that may be left on a long motor come with no warranty and may not be the correct item for your vehicle. Accessories left on a long motor are just left there in case that they can be use for you.
  • Warranty may be voided on mechanical items if the incorrect oils or fluids are used in the parts, the vehicle has been involved in an accident after the parts have been fitted where the parts were damaged in the accident, overloading or racing the vehicle on or off the street, unauthorised repairs on the parts that may involve replacing / upgrading / modifying or alterating any part.
  • It is the customers responsibility to stop operating the vehicle if any part fitted by Ford Pro malfunctions in any way. Ford Pro is to be notified immediately if any part malfunctions in your car that we have fitted. You will be instructed what to do next. If you do not comply with this then it may cause extra damage to other parts on your vehicle which Ford Pro will not be held liable for the repairs on.
  • If we decline a claim, Ford Pro has the right to recover any expenses that we occur in getting a replacement part to you. Whether it is extra fees to dismantle another part, extra freight charges or inspections on parts. We are able to charge the customer for these extra charges as long as you have been notified.
  • Ford Pro is not held responsible for any verbal conversations, all deals with selling parts will be on paper in the form of an invoice.